Message of the Board
Message of the Board

Dear Customers,

While entering the new year and leaving 2015 behind, I would like to share my thoughts and feelings with you.

As you may know, our company was established 33 years ago with great enthusiasm, forward looking and rational plans in parallel with the vision we possessed. Our vision was in the direction of using the technology, predominantly the communications technology, in all aspects of life efficiently. Therefore, we have adopted as our mission to follow the developing technologies very closely, adapting them to the Turkish market, turning them into solutions that would support our customers’ success in their sectors and position them ahead of their competitors. By looking at where we stand today with reference to "IoT" (Internet of Things) and its application in many sectors, we can state that our vision put forward then was correct.

While embracing the new year with new hopes and goals, I would like to share some of the developments which made us proud in 2015. We relocated our headquarter offices to Gayrettepe D Plaza earlier this year. Our new office is exceptionally modern, functional and does provide an environment convenient for the nature of business we carry out. All high technology solutions we offer to our customers are installed and fully operational here both for our own use and for our visitors to evaluate. Alongside wide and local area networks and wireless networks, among the installed devices also are more advanced digital equipment such as IP telephone exchanges, video conference devices that enable collaboration and digital signage equipment. Our new premises also provide facilities for our employees who are always considered as internal customers by us. Among these facilities, are lounges where they can rest or spend their breaks better playing digital games. I proudly state that the working environment of the 21st century has been created here where every employee would love to work.

Again, as we turn the year, to be able to express that we close 2015 with growth as in the last 5 years is also a source of pride for me. The results obtained as a company which has recorded continuous growth in the past years have shown that the decisions we have taken and the practices we have employed in the direction of our vision were absolutely right. I am sure that our company will continue its healthy growth in the years to come and the management will take all the necessary steps to achieve this. One topic we had strongly focused on since establishment of our company was institutionalization. I am happy to mention that the step we took within the framework of institutionalization by entrusting the management completely to a professional team in 2012 started giving its fruits last year in 2015. This is clearly shown by the results which confirmed that the steps taken were accurate and appropriate. Under the management of the professional team, our company has become a true institution in western standards with its annual budget, stated goals, defined processes and procedures, continuous trainings and development programs for our employees. Our continuous improvement efforts are certified and controlled under the ISO quality certification program which has been audited by TSE since 1999 and renewed every year.

Our collaboration with Cisco Systems, the leading company in technology sector and our primary partner, have become more comprehensive in 2015 and extensive range of products from this company were added to the solution portfolio of our company in a wider extent. In 2015, comprehensive trainings on Cisco Systems products and technologies continued to be taken by our employees, related certifications were renewed and the new ones have been taken. Once again, I can proudly state that, by adding "Cisco TelePresence Video Master ATP" specialization among our other specializations in this year, we have become the only national business partner obtaining this specialization in Turkey. As I write these lines, our fellow employees are putting great effort to finalize their works for a new web site and publish it for your appreciation to become live as of beginning 2016. I believe that this web site, also including this message, will be more beneficial in our communication with you, allowing us to convey the developments in our company and innovations taking place more quickly and effectively.

Finally, I would like to state again that, as internal customers of our company, we believe our employees deserve the best from us. We are aware of the fact that a peaceful working environment and mental comfort is a source of motivation for them to provide better service to you. I, as co-founder and the chairman of the board, have always been happy to express at every opportunity that I'm proud of being a member of this team. Working with a team, which is longed for by everyone in the sector, that is continuously improving and being trained, will always be among our goals. It is part of our stated commitment to you that we will continue the investments we make for our team in an increasing manner.

At this point today on our journey which began with a small dream and as a project full of hope and energy, with the right vision 33 years ago, we are fully aware that we owe all this success primarily to the support and trust you, our valued customers and dedication of our teammates have shown to our company. As I always emphasize and share with our teammates, we never forget that you are the real owners of our company and our mission is to provide service to you by putting all our knowledge and experiences together in order to contribute to the success of your business operations. I express our gratitude to you on behalf of our company and our fellow employees.


With our kind regards,

Sait Ahtam, Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder

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