The business world carries on changing fast.

Emerging trends naturally change the way people interact and work, thus requiring globally competing businesses to adapt to new trends.

In today's business world;

  • Everyone, including employees, business partners and customers, is more mobile than ever before(Mobility).

  • iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Smartphones increase variety of content and devices ever so much(Any Where Any Device).

  • Organization processes and teams are more cross-functional and intertwined than ever (Matrix).

  • Video communication becomes more popular (TelePresence).

  • Corporate social media is of utmost importance now (Social).

  • Companies should pay more regard torising cloud solutions and accompanying security solutions (Cloud).

Technology-enhanced collaboration is not a new context. However, a collaboration solution based on conventional written and voice-based communication cannot keep up with today's changing world. Using communication methods that are richer in terms of content such as video and social software platforms will enable more realistic collaboration experiences. This new experience will bring freedom in terms of device and location choice and provide secure internal and external collaboration platforms.

All components under the Biltam collaboration solutions umbrella work integrated with each other and facilitate the real collaboration experience for every level of user. We have launched our Biltam Collaboration Solutions Experience Centers in İstanbul and Ankara for you to have this end user experience visually and practically.



Using internal collaboration solutions yields in terms of operation, productivity and strategy as a return on investment.
The Biltam Collaboration Solutions consist of the following basic sub-solutions:


  • Conferencing Solutions: They expand the work area by means of voice, web and video conferencing solutions.

  • Collaboration with customers: It ensures customers' proactive access to information, expert people and support they need whenever and wherever they want.

  • Unified Communication Solutions: New generation IP-based solutions which enable available continuous communication services (voice, visual, messaging, content) to reach employees at the main office or remote offices or home via mobile devices, desktop systems, and three screen professional room systems.

  • Telepresence Collaboration: These solutions have an important place within collaboration solutions enabling video communication experience which is the closest one to face-to-face communication to improve business processes and ensure customer loyalty.

  • WebEx: The most popular web-based conferencing solution in the business world.
    WebEx can now work integrated with TelePresence world by means of CMR Cloud technology.

  • Mobile Collaboration: The Cisco Jabber solution enables corporate voice or video communication for users at anytime anywhere with any device within the "Any Where Any Device" concept.

  • Digital Signage / IPTV: Digital signage / IPTV solutions which are among the most effective media, communication and education instruments if used in the right place at the right time according to global marketing researches. 

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Unified Communication Today's business world expects users to communicate with anyone in real time regardless of the place and reach others by all means of communication and via every kind of media. Increasingly more businesses recede from desktop work environment as more employees become mobile - these employees can work on the move or from home or while going between offices/branches or traveling anywhere in the world. In this kind of dynamic work environments,it is very important that businesses can communicate internally or with customers at anytime anywhere effectively. For that purpose, IP-based Unified Communication Solutions which gather voice, video, conferencing, status information and instant messaging together and integrate them with business processes have been developed. Biltam provides unified voice, video, mobility and instant presence information services its corporate customers need through IP phones, video conferencing systems, mobile and desktop systems and web and business applications gathering all under one platform, which is the Unified Communication Solutions platform. While providing this it offers the use of its own data infrastructure or only cloud technology or both in a hybrid form within secure communication policies. The Infrastructure of Unified Communication consists of following elements: IP-based Call Control Unit (IP PBX): The call control unit in which all endpoint systems to be used within the infrastructure of unified communication are registered and call authorizations and/or rules are specified. Instant Messaging and Presence Indicator: The solution which enables instant messaging between users within the infrastructure of Unified Communication and also displays presence information about all devices they use. Collaboration Endpoint Systems: These include IP phones, Videophones, Desktop TelePresence Systems, Room TelePresence Systems and video conferencing systems that are given to users and softwares and applications that are installed on user's smart phones, tablet PCs or PCs within the scope of the Unified Communication solution.   To point out some of the advantages of the Unified Communication solutions: One IP PBX for all your locations: Your company can provide service to all group companies and all your locations with one IP PBX in the central data center. All these locations have a single PBX, namely one extension number plan. They call each other free of charge. A voice message box service can be provided to all group companies and employees from one center. A contact center service can be provided to all group companies from one center. All calls can be reported from one center, advantageous phone call agreements can be made with alternative phone operators, mobile phone calls can be made from one center and individual investments for each location are not necessary. Mobile communication independent of location:  For employees, anywhere they are connected to the internet or the network infrastructure of their company is their own office. Executives and/or employees continue to receive calls at home, hotels or Starbucks as if they are working on their desks at the office if they want, as long as they are connected to the internet. For instance, it is possible to do that by means of a software and earphones/microphone to be installed on a laptop. Anyone from inside or outside the company can call you on your company extension number. When the phone on your desk at the office rings, the phone on your laptop at Starbucks rings at the same time. You do not have to depend on a laptop if you are using iPhone, iPad or Android devices, the phone on your desk will be with you anywhere you have internet access thanks to the applications.   Microsoft LYNC / S4B  integration: All our collaboration solutions including our IP Telephony / IP Video Telephony solutions can work integrated with each other and Microsoft LYNC/S4B. Every employee who uses Microsoft LYNC/S4B  application in all locations is integrated to the phone system as well. S/he can add the phone system to her/his video or voice calls. S/he can make internal or external calls from a PC with just one click.   Low-cost cabling installation investment: In conventional phone systems, 3 cables arrive at your desk: a phone cable, a data cable and a power cable for the phone adapter. In the IP phone system, a single cable arrives every desk: This cable is plugged into your phone and your phone gets power through it, and your computer is connected to your phone (namely network) via a second port on the phone. If you are investing in a new building or a new cabling installation, you can stop the installation of phone cables for phones.   Lower operating costs: There is only one PBX now. This PBX is located in the company's central data center which is designed according to compatibility standards. All the PBXs in other locations / group companies and maintenance agreements can go to junk. A high-quality phone service is provided to all group companies from a single center according to the same standards. Reporting is received from one point. It is ensured that sources are used efficiently for the whole company: Think about it, today many companies have tens of accumulators connected to their current old generation PBXs in different locations. There are no accumulators within the new structure. Nowhere including the center.   Fast action: There is no need to think about stations while planning to launch a new branch or group company anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to send the phones to users. They can immediately start to receive the same quality service as all the other employees of the company.  Moving internally within the company: Let's say your office on the 1st floor is moved to the 5th floor due tore structuring. No problem. All you need to do is to plug your phone into the closest network socket. No need for adjustments, you can continue to work all the same. Your work location has changed and now you will work in another town. All you need to do is to bring your phone with you if you want to keep your number. Let's say you need to work from home for a while. Connecting securely to your company over the internet is all you need to do. Even if you live in China and your company is in Turkey. You are stuck in traffic, you cannot arrive at the company due to snow and you have an important conference meeting. Run to the closest place where you can connect to the internet. That place is your office now.   And more... We wanted to briefly tell you about several important features for now. In addition to these, we can provide many other innovative features such as video conferencing - phone integration, text-to-speech applications, instant delivery of your voice messages to your e-mail and mobile phone, distributed call center and central external call survey applications from a single center to all your locations.   Many things that you may imagine are already possible. Please tell us what kind of an infrastructure you imagine for your company. 
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Conference Solutions In today's business world, with use of IP Based Unified Communication systems creating the basic infrastructure of collaboration solutions, mobile workers and the users in different locations need to hold meetings together many times within a day to discuss certain subjects. Thanks to Audio/Video/Web conference solutions offered by Biltam, users can connect to conference rooms through telephone, video conference systems or web browser and participate in the related meeting interactively. These conference infrastructure solutions can be both set up in customer's own data center, on cloud or inside a hybrid structure. In case of future need, conference solutions are designed as expandable scaled and standard based. In addition, within the context of compatibility with other solutions, it can also be integrated with Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync in today's business world. 
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TelePresence TelePresence technology, which lets us live the experience of face-to-face meeting in today's business world, takes its place in the meeting rooms as proven itself. In order to make you live this TelePresence experience, Biltam offers you the most suitable choice specific for your company taking room design rules into consideration with its knowledge and experience. Prominent features in today's TelePresence solutions are summarized below. Voice Tracking-Camera systems viewing the active speaker closely. Systems that can be controlled via a touch screen instead of remote control. Plug and play TelePresence systems integrated with screen, camera, codec and stand that is delivered to customer work-ready. Thanks to this solution that provides a special experience with TelePresence systems as if there is a meeting hold in the same room, for example, business processes can become much faster or high customer loyalty can be achieved. Under TelePresence solutions, there are user collaboration applications for mobile users. Thanks to these applications, you can experience TelePresence outside the meeting room, in a cafe, on the highway, at the airport, at your summer home, on your boat, on your desk, in your workroom at home. You can test all these TelePresence solutions by yourself in our Biltam Collaboration Solutions Experience Center. To see is to believe. Let’s test this experience together.
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WebEx Since 1 February 2011, Biltam is certified to project Cisco WebEx solutions in Turkey and one of the best equipped business partners of Cisco in WebEx solutions. Cisco WebEx solutions works with all new generation communication tools such as iPhone, iPad, android phones and tablet PCs with %100 compatibly. Therefore, you can include mobile users as if you're on the same desk to your meetings. Cisco WebEx solutions are categorized in two main subgroups. First group consists of WebEx Meeting Center, WebEx Training Center, WebEx Support Center and WebEx Event Center solutions Second group is Cisco WebEx Meeting Server (CWMS) solution that can be set up in customer's own data infrastructure. Both WebEx solutions are ready to use of customers in Biltam Collaboration Demo infrastructure. You can call us for detailed information and demo requests.
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Mobile Collaboration In today's business world, we need to interact with more people from more locations compared to the past. Having to be in the office or desktop limitations are being eliminated. Today's technology can offer the ability to work on any desired device independent from time and location. Smartphones, Tablet PCs and business applications working on these devices are used very intensively in the business life. Therefore, end users and employees want this communication solutions on their devices in the company to run smoothly. Mobile Collaboration solutions provided by Biltam allow working both on in-house network and Internet safely and successfully by working integrated with Unified Communication infrastructure installed in the corporation. End users can use mobile communication applications given to them without doing any additional operations inside or outside the company. This includes the whole solution as audio, video, instant messaging and presence.
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Customer Collaboration Customer Collaboration solutions provided by Biltam allows you to establish a strong business tie with your customers giving them a more positive customer support. Therefore, You can help your customers more proactively and provide them what they need most, expertise knowledge and support, by sending the right person in the shortest time. While letting you to establish a good relationship with your customers, the solutions such as Remote Expert, Call Center, Video Call Center developed for this purpose provide value-added solutions brought in by unified communication infrastucture to the customers.
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Digital Signage / IP TV Digital signage is the technology in which all kinds of visual and audio content (ads and messages) are conveyed to LED-LCD-Plasma screens in different locations, kiosk systems, digital billboards, indoor and outdoor billboards and published from a single center to your target audience on digital environment via Internet or Local Area Network. Mobile content, corporate communications,sales and marketing information sent to Digital Signage screens can be delivered to employees and customers at the earliest. Products, campaigns, news can take place on the screens in certain periods of time in the most efficient way. As a result of marketing studies carried out worldwide, it is determined that digital signage solutions are one of the most effective media, communication and education tools if used in the right places at the right times. The content displayed on Digital Signage screens can be different such as a simple text and a photo, audio/silent video, interactive video, 3D animations and different contents can be displayed screen-based simultaneously. Biltam offers Digital Signage / IP TV solutions on a project basis under Biltam collaboration solutions. It's enough for you to simply get in touch with us.
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Biltam Collaboration Solutions Experience Center Biltam is an authorized and expert Cisco business partner in Collaboration solutions. Because all solutions under Cisco Collaboration solutions use visual communication technologies, we believe that the provided end systems and technology should be demonstrated live to our valued customers. For this purpose we made significant investments, we have set up all models of Cisco TelePresence endpoint systems of Cisco Collaboration solutions used at the end user side and launched Biltam Collaboration Solutions Experience centers in Istanbul and Ankara to demonstrate how they work together. Hosting our customers who would like to see Cisco Collaboration and TelePresence demos in these experience centers, we provide the opportunity to our customers to see the latest technology and all models that can be installed on the customer side.  After a 1-hour presentation made at Biltam Collaboration Solutions Experience Centers, our customers see all devices and how these systems will appear in terms of design on their desks or in the meeting rooms and how the quality of audio and video will be when they start using these systems. Especially, seeing the products together while choosing the model accelerates their decision-making and allows them to use their budget more efficiently. Solutions and related products presented at Biltam Collaboration Solutions Experience Centers are:   Cisco Unified Communication Solutions​ CUCM, BE6K, BE7K   Cisco Unified Messaging Solutions​ Cisco IM&P Server Cisco Unity Connection   Cisco Conference Solutions​ Cisco Virtual TelePresence Server Cisco 4505 MCU Cisco TelePresence Cunductor Cisco CMR Cloud   Cisco TelePresence Solutions​ Cisco SX10, SX20, SX80 Cisco MX300, MX700 Cisco Speaker Track 60   Cisco Customer Collaboration Solutions​ Cisco Jabber Guest Server Cisco Contact Center Express   Cisco Webex  Solutions​ Cisco Webex Meeting Server Cisco Webex Meeting Center   Cisco Collaboration Endpoint Systems​ Cisco Jabber for iPhone, iPad, Android, MAC, Windows Cisco IP Telefon Ailesi Cisco DX650, DX70, DX80   Cisco Edge Solutions Cisco Expressway Cisco VCS Control Cisco VCS Expressway   Cisco Collaboration Management Solutions Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Cisco Prime Collaboration   Cisco Video Recording and Publishing Solutions Cisco TelePresence Content Server Cisco MediaSense   Cisco TelePresence Lync Integration Solutions Cisco Expressway-C Lync B2BUA   Cisco ISR Voice Gateway Solutions Cisco CUBE   Click for photos of our demo rooms.
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